Digital Solutions

Demand Prediction

Identifying appropriate patients for optimal treatment pathways

Predicting Trends Leveraging AI & Machine Learning​

Applications in
Oncology Epidemiology

  • Regression analysis
  • Survival analysis
  • Cancer incidence
  • Mortality rates
  • Treatment outcomes

Applications in
Viral Outbreak Prevention

  • Time series forecasting
  • Epidemic models
  • Neural networks to predict spread

Model Performance Validation & Evaluation

  • Metrics to determine accuracy & reliability
  • Automate cross-validation techniques

Integrating Public Data, AI & Machine Learning

Public Data Sources

  • Demographic surveys
  • Epidemiological data
  • Healthcare utilization statistics
  • Physician prescribing patterns
  • Sentiment on social media

Predictive Analytics

  • Accurate Demand Forecasting
  • Continuous Monitoring/Optimization
  • Adaptive Strategies 

Move from forecasting historical projections to identifying opportunities