Project Management Office (PMO)

Reimagine cross-functional collaboration through strategic alignment in decision-making

We bring strategic execution to deliver results

pmo chart<br />

Standardize processes to drive efficiencies

Documentation and guidance

Metrics on project management and execution

Support and information

We pull-through strategy to elevate performance

Graphic of concentric circles with Contemporary PMO in large outer circle, Project Influencer in the next inside circle, and Traditional Project Manager in the smallest inside circle

Contemporary PMO

  • Driven by value & purpose-oriented governance

Project Influencer

  • Enhancements in decision-making, resource utilization & cost management

  • Consideration of business strategy, finance as a customer, & technology perspectives

  • Shifting focus to outcomes, relationships, and strategic objectives

Traditional Project Manager

  • Primarily focused on project scope, schedule and budget

Transformative PMO is an ongoing journey